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    1. welcome to!Shanghai chaocheng electron science and technology!

      job title:  Technician  To apply for this
      working place:  Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone number of people:  5 人
      Wages and Benefits :  Negotiable release date:  2013-3-5 14:44:16
      specification: job description:
      1, involved in product design and R & D, understand electromagnetic technology R & D design, familiar with the electromagnetic properties. 2, to assist the technical manager for the design of new products and improvements. 3, responsible for the development and design of new products adapted. 4, the technical manager of the arrangement of other things.
      qualification :
      1, well versed in the DC solenoids, AC solenoids, independent development capabilities, the familiar machinery manufacturing, machining industry. 2, a college education, electromagnetic fields, electrical and mechanical or physical, electrical class professional background. 3,1 years of work experience in the same position, familiar with the requirements of ISO9001. 4, with a good logical rational and excellent teamwork awareness and sense of innovation, good communication skills!
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