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      Shanghai ChaoCheng Electron Science and Technology Co., Ltd., established in 1999, locates in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai. We are a National High-and-New Technology enterprise who devotes to designing and producing the solenoids with high quality, environmental protection solenoids. We have international advanced production equipment, well-equipped development laboratory, and a number of experienced technicians who are involved in the field of textile machinery for many years.We strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system, improve the overall operation of the ERP enterprise resource planning in order to reasonably allocate our resources and maximize the social wealth. We have spun in professions such as Textile machinery, Atuo, Logistics, Sewing machinery, Railway, Medical Devices and Domestic appliance and so on in the form of international accessories brand alternative production base, and we promote the development of professions by the high quality products.

      In the solenoids research field, we have successfully researched and developed the Electronic Dobby Magnet (SZT-001-20), High Frequency Jacquard Electromagnet (SZT-003), Energy-saving Jacquard Modules Magnet (M5), the New type Solenoid Valve (TAU-2536),  and SZT High Frequency Opening Electromagnet, have received the High and New Technology Transformation, as well as the National protection key products. We have also been recognized as Top Ten Brand of Solenoid in China, One of The Top 10 Manufactures of Textile Spare Parts, National Quality and Credibility Double Protection Model Enterprises, Quality AAA Grade Quality of Integrity Committee Member, and Consumer (user) Trust Unit of China's Quality Integrity Committee.

      In 2012, Chaocheng Science and Technology Creative Park has been invested in Changxing Island with 100 million RMB. The area is more than 28,000 square meters and the construction size is more than 32,800 square meters.  We will make our effort to build a world-class Solenoids kingdom,  with 100 thousand strong production capacity to supply to the world well-known manufacturers. We will adhere our R&D objective of "Let’s realize your idea", work for your equipment of the stability, upgrade and optimization. We are open minded, looking forward to your close cooperation. Let us make progress together, create brilliant!